uvu planetarium map
A map to our meeting place in the UVU science department

Our monthly meetings are held at UVU in the physics department.

We recommend parking in parking lot L1, which is east and south of the baseball park where the Owls play.

Walk up the sidewalk along the administration building and enter the front entrance, which has a big “1” on the door.

Turn left and go towards the big double doors past the info station. Keep an eye on the overhead signs, they will guide you to the Pope Science Building (PS).

Once you go thru the double doors, you should see the hall of flags, which should look pretty obvious given its name. Walk the length of that hall. Once you get to the end, you will see the bookstore on the right, and the Pope building will be on the left.

Walking a little bit further to the left, you should see a three-story open area with a Foucault pendulum hanging down from the top of the building to the floor one story below you. There are lots of stuffed animals on the floor below as well. You will notice that there is an exposed staircase on the other side of that open area.

Climb that staircase (or take the elevator) and turn right at the top. You will almost immediately turn left down a hallway. A short way down that hall on the left is room 206. There is a planetarium sign above the door. We may for certain meetings meet in the planetarium, but we will also be meeting in the classroom across the hallway for most meetings. Please watch for a sign indicating where the meeting will take place.