This will be an evolving section that will hopefully be a good resource for finding suitable observing sites. If you are planning an observing session and want to invite others, please link to directions here rather than duplicating them in discussions. Above all, if you know of a good site that isn’t represented here, start a discussion on Facebook or the email list. Pictures are very helpful!

You use any of these sites at your own risk. Please plan accordingly, as some of these sites are remote. Most do not have running water or bathrooms.

The Sites

Camp Floyd Cemetery

  • Near Fairfield, UT
  • Roughly 22 miles from exit 278
  • No dirt road

The Pit ‘n Pole

  • At the edge of the west desert, west of Camp Floyd
  • 31.5 miles from exit 278
  • About 5 miles of dirt road
  • Very good horizons

Vernon Area Road FR006

  • Dark. Bortle 3 bordering on 2
  • 54 miles from exit 278
  • Around 20 miles of dirt road, depending on your route
  • Can have cattle nearby
  • Very peaceful
  • Excellent northern and eastern horizons. South and west somewhat compromised but still good

Johnson’s Pass

  • Also on the edge of the west desert, northwest of the Pit ‘n Pole
  • 55 Miles from exit 278
  • No dirt

Big Springs

  • Quick
  • 13 miles from exit 272

Pine Hollow Trailhead

  • Timpanogos Cave star parties
  • 14 miles east of exit 284

Walden Park Eagle Mountain

  • Near city center in Eagle Mountain
  • Home of Eagle Mountain’s public observatory (not yet complete)

Other Sites

There are a number of places on the internet where you can find dark sky sites. The club cannot vouch for any of these sites. Treat this information accordingly.

Utah Observing Sites

Dark Sky Map