UVAC Mission Statement

Utah Valley Astronomy Club (UVAC) promotes the science, art, and joy of astronomy within the Utah Valley community. We recognize that the understanding of modern science and its methodology is a fundamental support of a healthy community and that youth should be encouraged in their scientific interests. Wonder is the parent of science. Astronomy is one of the most effective doorways to inspire interest in science because its visual aesthetic and cosmic scale dilate the eye, mind, and imagination. UVAC bridges the gap between wonder and science for the community in the following ways:

1. We teach astronomy and all its related sciences (cosmology, physics, planetary science, optics, etc.) to the general public, educational institutions, and all friendly organizations. We do this through direct experience at a telescope or binoculars, and through educational presentations and outreach programs.

2. We also instruct the public on the history of astronomy, its art, mythology, philosophy, and cultural contributions and consequences.

3. We promote dark sky awareness and educate people on light pollution and its ramifications.

4. We offer fellowship and support to all Utah astronomers, at any experience level, and provide a social network and friendly environment to the science and astronomy community.