The Utah Valley Astronomy Club is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such, we have the following organization.

Board of Directors (2019)

President Richard Tenney
Vice-President Curtis MacDonald
Secretary/Treasurer Mitchell Bolen
Member-at-Large Walter Williams
Member-at-Large David Moulton
Member-at-Large Wayne Washer

Volunteer Positions

Webmaster Doug Cunningham
Communications & Social Media Ron Hathcock
Artwork Tim Palmer
Astro League Representative Curtis MacDonald
Speakers Bob Black


We are grateful for our group of founding members

Richard Keele
Kathy Terry
Doug Cunningham
Clarence Spencer
John Lundwall

Historic Boards


President David Moulton
Vice-President Richard Tenney
Secretary/Treasurer Wayne Washer
Member-at-Large Richard Tenney
Member-at-Large Curtis MacDonald


President Clarence Spencer
Vice-President David Moulton
Secretary/Treasurer Ryan Simpkins
Member-at-Large Richard Tenney
Member-at-Large Doug Cunningham

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