These directions are courtesy of Jim Gibson.

  1. Take exit 278 and go west on Pioneer Crossing
  2. Make no turn offs and just stay on Pioneer Crossing until it turns into Cedar Fort Rd going west. The Hwy signs change from Hwy 173 to Hwy 73.
  3. Go past the stop light that turns into the Ranches at Eagle Mt. Just keep going West.
  4. The road continues West until you get to Cedar Fort, then the road turns South. Just keep going.
  5. When you get down to Fairfield the road turns West again. Just keep going.
  6. When you get to Sand Pass you will pass the turn off to the Pit ‘n Pole and the road turns North. Just keep going North.
  7. Follow 73 going North and eventually the road will turn West again and you will come to a “T” intersection. Turn left onto UT-36 going South.
  8. Cross the railroad track and continue South on 36 and watch for signs that point West which will say – Clover (or Rush Valley) – Dugway.
  9. Turn right onto Hwy 199 and continue West through Clover.
  10. You will go through a windy road and when you get to the top of the hill you have arrived at Johnson’s Pass.