March 2022 Club Meeting

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UPDATE: Since I created this, I have found out that UVU will be on spring break next week when we meet. WE WILL STILL MEET AT THE SAME TIME AND PLACE. However, not all of the doors may be unlocked for us like they usually are. If you can, please use the external stairs that are described in the directions to the planetarium. If you do need to use the elevator, go to the door under the external stairs and check to see if it’s unlocked. If it is locked, call 801.592.7395. We will send someone down to let you in so you can get to the elevator.

The weather folks predict 68 degrees today as I type this. Warm weather is on the way! It’s time to get out that telescope you received for Christmas, or maybe you got one for your kids.

The March UVAC meeting will be geared towards learning how to use your telescope if you need help, and what to look at in the sky. We’ll do a portion on items you can observe each month for the next few months, followed by a Q&A session for whatever astronomy-related questions you have. If you are having trouble with your telescope, we can try to help. If you need some help and want to bring your scope, we can take a look at it in the parking lot or look at photos. We’re here to help.

As always, we meet for “Advanced Training” at IHop across the road from UVU directly after the main meeting concludes. Any and all are invited.

We will meet on March 10, 2022, at 7 pm in the planetarium at UVU in Orem. This meeting will be broadcast via Microsoft Teams. The link to the meeting will be added to this post directly before the meeting starts.

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