Star Parties are back!!

I’m very happy to announce that we will have several star parties this coming season. I have added 3 events to the calendar for star parties hosted by the rangers at Timpanogos Cave National Monument. UVAC provides telescopes and volunteers for these parties. If you haven’t been to one before, they are a lot of fun. If you don’t have a telescope, come anyway! It’s a great way to look through different types of telescopes if you are considering a purchase. The dates are:

June 18
August 6
August 20

Normally we post the start time of these as right around sunset. If you are bringing a scope, I suggest you arrive earlier than that to secure a spot.
I will also be posting 2 or three dates for star parties at Camp Floyd out past Eagle Mountain. Those dates are not yet confirmed, so I am waiting a little longer for them. Camp Floyd is a nice, fairly dark, site for observing.

We look forward to meeting you this summer at meetings and star parties.

Club calendar:

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